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From: Michael Smith
The Income You Deserve
Feb 10, 2018

Dear Friend,

Have you seen my websites for sale? Probably not and I will tell you why.

My real name is Michael Smith, you probably don’t know me in the site flipping community because I have a few aliases in several highly lucrative site flipping marketplaces online.

All together I manage to make a decent income flipping sites online … and with all of my aliases combined I am provided with a steady passive income that generates over six-figures every year…

Why do I use Aliases?

It’s simple really, I learned a long time ago that by setting up multiple user profiles and sites you can get more sales. This method is actually used across all different fronts of marketing and sales and with many different types of products.

Some people might call it black hat, but did you know that Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy are all owned by the same group?

Essentially they are using Aliases to target specific demographics . . . High End – Mid Line – Low Cost..

This is the kind of strategies that I go into great detail inside the site flipping tactics program. . . . and more!

“30 Days From Now…
You Can Have . . .
A Full Time Income – Online.”

Through the program I am going to help you identify highly profitable areas inside the site flipping marketplace where you can turn big profits from minimal work.

Do other site flipping pro’s try to copy me and steal my ideas?

You bet your bottom dollar they do. The advanced site flipping gurus are . . . if nothing else, HIGHLY competitive.

However, with time I can show you how to go toe-to-toe with the very best website flippers out there.

Now lets talk about why your here and what you want to accomplishstackofbooks-siteflip

You are here right now, because you know that this can work and you are looking for opportunities and different ways that will earn you a full time income . . . online.

The economy is in shambles and you need a way to supplement your existing income or you are looking for a way to replace your menial job with a passive income that can afford you all of the opportunities you have searched for.

Here is the TRUTH: you have to get serious about making money online, it is not just going to fall in your lap.

I do believe that flipping sites is a sure fire plan for allowing you to quite your day job and start enjoying life. Why do I believe this? Because I am living the dream.

Flipping Sites for huge profits is real, because you are not selling snake oil . . . . you are dealing with a REAL product that is useful to people.

By earning your income through flipping sites you can feel good about yourself.

I have not worked for someone else in a broke and mortar job for over 7 years. Each morning I wake up and start the day off by checking emails from my office that is about 30 steps from my bedroom.

You see, most people I meet are fine with earning just enough money to go week to week. I am not one of those people and I believe because you are here that you are not in that group either.

Even the people who work online and call themselves “marketers” are happy to earn 50% of selling someone else’s products.

“…you can spend less time, and keep the money for yourself


By Flipping Sites You Can Keep ALL THE PROFITS!

What is holding you back?

Believe in yourself! Its harder than it sounds . . .I know this is the truth, because I use to have a job as a collections agent making $10 / hour. I believed at one time that I could not make it full time online.

I was scared and spent days and weeks agonizing about how I was going to take care of my family. Put my kids through college, pay for braces, or enjoy a vacation.

I thought working online was something for an elite few who were much smarter than me.

Then I realized that I could do it, I would just have to work harder than everyone else. After all, I didn’t have a college education and I graduated high school with a 1.3 GPA.

So, here is what I really want to tell you. YOU CAN DO IT!

All you need is a little guidance and financial freedom will knock at your door.

Flipping websites is about as easy as flipping a switch. Will Build
Many Successful Internet Entrepreneurs . . .

Will You Be One of Them?

You are just going to have to experience the professional training that provides.

There is NO EXCUSES!

Here’s Exactly What You Get With Site Flipping Tactics!

Introduction – The Basic Outline; a.k.a. The Promise. (Page 1)
The introduction helps to get you in the right mind set for success. Flipping Websites for big profits it a arbitrage strategy that many successful online entrepreneurs use to build wealth each day.

Chapter 1 – The Basic Outline; a.k.a. The Promise. (Page 17)
We do not take a lot of time, but provide you with a basic outline and promises for the
Site Flipping Tactics Program.

Chapter 2 – Different Strategies; a.k.a. Here We Go! (Page 18)
We discuss the different types of site flippers and their strategies. The basic site flipper, the advanved site flipper, and the mega site flipper.

Chapter 3 – Spotting Opportunities; a.k.a. Eyes Wide Open! (Page 43)
We show you the places to go to start developing your site flipping strategy. From domain names, to marketplaces our goal in this chapter is to help familiarize you with the site flipping business.
Chapter 4 – Strategies on Buying; a.k.a. Ready to Flip? (Page 73)
We show you how to spot mega deals with domain name and take it all the way to establis
hing relationships with known buyers. By the end of chapter 4 you are ready to start making money instantly.
Chapter 5 – What to do after you buy; a.k.a. The Not-So Difficult Part! (Page 91)
In Chapter 5 we start to progress into a long term plan of action. We show you tricks on how to let your virtual property appreciate over time.

Chapter 6 – Strategies on enhancing value; a.k.a. Getting to the Big Green! (Page 100)
Once you get to chapter 6 and have mastered the previous chapters. Site Flipping becomes a rea
l opportunity to turn BIG MONEY. This is the information you need to earn Six-Figures + all from flipping websites. Nothing is held back, this single chapter is 53 pages of heart pounding information.

Chapter 7 – The Selling process; a.k.a. Making it count! (Page 153)
Again, chapter 7 is the stuff the guru’s DO NOT want you to know. We devote 67 pages to help you understand how to sell. Flipping sites is so much more than creating a listing and selling a site. You have to understand the selling process before you can really hit it big. Again, nothing is held back and we hold your hand through the entire process.
Chapter 8 – The Experts; a.k.a. The Big Bonus (Page 220)
We give you some bonus information that will help you add value to each of your web properties. This last chapter will help you go from add that extra push to each and every web site you plan to flip for big profits.

The Site Flipping Tactics eBook is a stunning

240 pages of amazing information!


It Doesn’t Stop There!

Included in the Site Flipping Tactics Program you will also receive:


11 Scripts (php) you can use to build web sites instantly (Everything from proxy site software to image hosting). These scripts are selling *HOT* right now. . . with each there is a complete tutorial.


Professional Tutorial on how to set up a Wordpress blog!


Complete training videos on working with Wordpress.


8 Turnkey Niche Theme Wordpress Themes that you can use to start selling immediately. (provided by


Site Flipping Video Vault – we have collected the best videos that will help further expand your ability to flip sites.


World Class Support – get stuck along the way, don’t worry we will be here to help you navigate through the tough times.

So what’s the catch? There is NOT catch . . . and because I am 100% sure you are going to make all of the money you spend on Site Flipping Tactics back, I am willing to give you a 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee with no questions asked and hassle free . . .

My Unconditional 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Buy your one time membership payment for only $47. Use it for an entire 60 days! If Site Flipping Tactics doesn’t contain everything I have promised, then contact us for a no-hassle refund. So you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain with this insane 60 day money back guarantee.

Here Is To All of Your Success!

Kind Regards,
Michael Smith


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